Better Family Health With A Food Blender

Are food blenders really better than juicers and food processors for eating healthily? Well blenders have been around a long time (almost a hundred years) now and were probably one of the first electrical appliances that was commonly available to chefs, cooks and housewives alike. They allowed everyone to prepare the best soups, sauces and ground spices with very little effort.

Today however there are a multitude of different blenders (table top blenders, hand blenders, immersion blenders) available along with food processors and not forgetting juicers. All these machines are wonderful for helping us get healthier foods but do we really need them all?Better Family Health With A Food Blender

The problem is that with all the different juicers blenders processors on the market everyone is now confused as what to buy.

This site will go someway to answer any questions you may have about food blenders and where exactly do they sit in the array of kitchen appliances.

We will try and answer question like, what is best a food blender or food processor?

Should you buy a juicer to extract the most vitamins and minerals from your fruit and vegetables?

How do you get the best foods from a baby food blender?

We will also not be forget the all important question of health options using a food blender. Everyone looking to eat the healthiest way will no doubt have looked long and hard into buying food blenders and will most definitely already have a juicer, because we have all been told juicers are the best. Find out Best blender for smoothies. But just what is the difference about foods prepared in a juicer compared to those in a blender and just which one is best?

The Versatility of Food Blenders

Obviously we here at believe a blender is better than a juicer or food processor for providing quick, easy and healthy food for all the family. However we are not saying juicers and food processors are not excellent at providing healthy food, just that with a blender it is so much easier and in some ways healthier.

Blenders can be used for various tasks in the kitchen:

  • Crushing ice
  • Pureeing fruits & vegetables
  • Making smoothies (Couldn’t forget this one)
  • Making soups
  • Grinding spices
  • Blending

A juicer in comparison is unable to do most of these things but a food processor could. However it is our opinion that although not the best at all the tasks, a food blender provides the best results for more of these jobs, and some others, than a food processor does and we hope to try and show you why we think this.

Using A Blender To Get Healthy Baby Food

Providing your children with the best food possible is so easy with a blender. Organic food products bought off the shelf will undoubtedly be expensive but that doesn’t mean you have to can’t do it. A better way is to make your own baby food and food blenders an are ideal way to get that smoothest texture that babies require. There is some debate that with the small amounts required a food blender is not good as to get the smoothest texture you need to make a large amount. We have thought of this and there are two basic answers to this problem.

First you can make up larger quantities and freeze those not needed in small ice trays. This is a very convenient way to just get the right amount of food as the baby grows and with a couple of preparation sessions you can have a whole menu of baby food sitting in your freezer for when you need it. There are some who say that freezing food does reduce the nutritional value of foods but if done right then the loss is minimal.

Second you can buy food blenders these days with small blender compartment attachments that don’t need a great deal of food to blend them well. This way you would only blend a small amount as and when you needed them and have the advantage of a herb and spice grinder when you stop using it for preparing the healthy baby food.

Using A Blender To Get Healthy Juices

We all want to eat healthy these days but trying to get the right balance of vitamins and nutrients isn’t always easy in our super fast life. Everyone is now jumping on the juicing diets to ensure a healthier lifestyle but are juicers really the best way to release the packed in nutrients available in fruits and vegetables?

Juicers basically squeeze spin or mash the juice out of fruits and vegetables. They have been reported to be an healthy option for those looking at alternative medicines to help fight cancer or maximize their nutrient intake among many other health benefits. Not everyone agrees however an say that juicers provide no more benefits than simply eating the fruits or vegetables.

Many other have pointed out that juicing fruits provides a large amount of sugars to the system and in fact they strip out many of the key nutrients and fibers since they remove all the pulp and skins, where many of these nutrients are stored in the fruits and vegetables.

Blenders on the other hand don’t remove these key components of the food as they simple mash up everything into small pieces and provide us with a smooth liquid to drink. Blending the food to a liquid like this doesn’t take any of the pulp or skins away and can help balance the sugar content of the drink. Many raw food enthusiasts prefer food blenders and use them as a chef uses their cookers.

To Rap This Up

Providing your family with a health menu is very important and with the many kitchen appliances out there we hope to provide you with the information you need to make sure the task isn’t that difficult. We won’t be knocking juicers or food processors but we will be taking about the healthy foods you can get from a food blender.