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Best Blender For Crushing Ice

July 24, 2013

Best Blender For Crushing IceOwning a quality blender is something that everyone wants, because it can work tremendously well and last a very long time. However, since there are so many different blenders on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose just one. One of the most important things a blender should provide is quality, because without it won’t be able to last very long. Also, it is important that a blender offers safety features and other added features that will make its functions a lot more efficient. In other words, getting the best blender will make crushing ice, blending smoothies, and juices way easier. Some of the best blenders for crushing ice are usually a bit expensive, making people hesitant on buying them. Fortunately, not all blenders are sold at unreasonable prices.

What Is The Best Blender For Crushing Ice?

One of the best blenders for smoothies and crushing ice would have to be the 6 cup 7 Speed BVCB07-Z Blender from Oster. Like all of Oster products, this blender is filled with numerous beneficial features that allow it to be the ideal blender for everyone. With this blender, you will be able to make a variety of tasty drinks and delicious food instantly. The Oster Blender was created in North America, where it was built with exemplary quality and power made from All Metal Drive. Its two connecting pieces were made of pure metal compared to regular plastic which allows it to last a very long time. This blender was also made with such a durable glass pitcher that can handle all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Plus, its blades remove quite quickly, making it very easy to clean and maintain. On top of that, this blender smoothly blends all sorts of substances in such a short period of time, making it the best blender to crush ice.

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The Features Of The Oster BVCB07-Z Blender

  • 600 Watts of Crush Power

Oster BVCB07-Z BlenderThe Oster BVCB07-Z blender is a stylish blender that features a powerful 600 watt motor with a stainless steel blade that will crush ice perfectly all the time. Its reversing motor alternates blades backward and forward consistently, drawing ice and food down for a purely consistent and smooth blending process. This means that it will allow you to spend less time scraping food from it with a spoon and more time getting to enjoy the creation.

  • Settings Options Will Fit Your Needs

Made with seven speeds at Low and High pulse options, it will provide you an amazingly precise control that suits the food your blending with ease. If you don’t want to blend your vegetables too much, you can lower down the speed power by just clicking a button. The pre-programmed settings even include time and function features that gives you the chance to make a one touch operation. It even comes with a Low, Medium, to High manual settings feature that will make blending a lot more fun. Whatever speed you choose, this blender will always create the perfect outcome for you.

  • Reaches All Temperatures

If you just washed your blender and you want to make a cold beverage, you can easily do so with this amazing Oster Counterforms Blender. When you buy this blender, you will receive a 6 cup dishwasher safe and scratch resistant 100% glass jar that happens to be thermal shock tested for it to withstand even the most extreme temperature changes out there. Now you could finally feel comfortable putting it through strange weather conditions because you’re aware that it will safely make a cold beverages even right after taking out of a hot dishwasher.

  • Convenience

This pitcher holds over 48 ounces of whatever you want, and though that is about the average of a blender, it isn’t as bulky as others on the market. This Oster blender was made to be very compact so that it won’t bulk up your dishwasher like others out there. Furthermore, it happens to be very lightweight weighing just 9 pounds. Its light frame allows you to easily bring it with you wherever you go. Although 9 pounds is the average weight of most blenders, they aren’t made from complete glass, making it better in so many ways. It was also made with a Food Chop button that will purée everything in just a short period of time. This blender’s last convenient feature is the Frozen Drinks button which basically allows you to make your favorite smoothies right away.

  •  Durability

Since it is made with glass, people can be a bit hesitant on buying it considering glass can be prone to damage and cracking. However, because this blender was made with tempered glass, it can survive falls without leaving a scratch. Oster is well known for creating products with some of the most tough glass out there, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging all so quickly. Durability plays a huge role when it comes to the best blenders for crushing ice because without it, damages, scratches, and overall cracking can happen quite quickly.

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Blender from Oster
Pros And Cons Of The Oster BVCB07-Z Blender

  •  Pros

The main advantage to this blender would be that it blends all sorts of ingredients quickly. You can make salsas, soups, shakes, smoothies, and juices in just a short time, allowing it to be very ideal for those who want a blender that can be substituted as a food processor and juicer.

  • Cons

The only drawback to this blender would have to be the fact that it happens to be a bit loud when in use, especially when you first buy it. However, as you continue using it, the sound will get less noisy.

Although it is a bit loud, customers don’t exactly complain about it considering every other blender on the market makes loud noises as well. Other than this very minor drawback, it is a highly great blender that will surpass your expectations. Overall, this Oster blender has such superior functions that make it provide a great end result all the time. From the positive feedback it has gotten it probably is one of the best blenders for crushing ice.